Notes on The Cinderella Magical Talking Vanity Toy Commercial

What makes the talking vanity “magical”?

Why does the ad begin with a scene from Disney’s Cinderella?

Ask students to guesstimate the age of the girls seen in the ad.
(Is their answer close to the recommended age for the toy: see below)

Judging from the size of the vanity, ask them to guess the height of the vanity
(What follows is an actual photo from the toy manufacturer’s website, and the actual
dimensions located on

Take a yardstick or tape measure and show students 26 inches (the height) and
ask them if they are surprised.

Is the commercial deceptive in this way?

In what ways does the commercial make the toy look more appealing?
(think about the setting, the music, the special effects)

Actual size: (in inches):
7.70 x 20.00 x 25.80

Recommended age: 3 years+

From the Manufacturer
The Magical Interactive Cinderella Vanity is a must have for every little girl that wants to be Cinderella! The Vanity interacts with the child and instructs them on which accessories to pick up and use. Cinderella’s face appears in the mirror. This vanity lights up, contains talking phrases that are unlocked by a special key.

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