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links to various resources;
Video games & The future of learning;
Schools Grow As Gaming Industry Comes of Age;
Readings: The Future of Videogames in Education;
Website: Games to Teach Project;
AAIM Arcade: Using Interactive Software and Game Techniques to Enhance Teaching and Learning;
Kids aren’t just playing games here
Educators Take Serious Look at Video Gaming (E School News)
The Classroom of Popular Culture
(Harvard Ed)
Computer simulation is ‘making history’
Game On! (THE Journal, Jan. 2006)
What kids learn from video games
Gaming goes to class
Dance Video Games Hit the Floor in Schools
Education & Videogames
The Potential of Gaming on K–12 Education
Teacher Uses Video Games In English Class
Reading, writing–and video games
Gaming technology gets a muve on
Serious Games: Incorporating Video Games in the Classroom (EduCause)
“Harnessing the Power of Video Games for Learning”
and “Games, Cookies, and the Future of Education.”
Games take on books
Professor Advocates Video Gaming In Schools
Gaming advances as learning tools
Video game makers target pre-school crowd
For some educators, gaming is serious business
Skip the textbook, play the video game
WEBCAST: Do Video Games Help Kids Learn?
Schools use video devices in obesity fight
Game on
Educational Video Games: Coming to a Classroom Near You?
Games in Education (UK report/study)
What Can Video Games Teach Us About Teaching Reading?
Video game myths
On a Quest for English
Can Game Development Impact Academic Achievement?
Getting Started with Videogame Development (part2)
Virtually A New Way of Learning: Video Games & Simulations
as Teaching Tools
(Nov/Dec 2007)
What’s playing at the library? (videogames)
21st Century Skills and Serious Games: Preparing the N Generation
Gaming helps students hone 21st-century skills
Playing Games in Classroom Helping Pupils Grasp Math
Building Gaming into SCIENCE EDUCATION
Playing to Learn: Video games in the Classroom

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