Resources for incorporating
news/journalism into instruction

NEWS: LESSON PLANS (hyperlinks in red are newest additions)

A good read: Literacy strategies with newspapers API/Newseum
Analysis of a Local News Broadcast Teaching Media
Anatomy of a news story Weekly Reader
Be A Reporter/ Be An Editor News U
Best Practices for TV Journalism National Student TV
Breaking the News analyzing the news; working in TV
journalism; TV news & society; producing TV news
Bringing Real Deadline Pressure Into The Classroom pg 69
Cartoons for the Classroom NIE
Classroom materials & lesson plans Center for News Literacy,
Stony Brook University
Compare & Contrast Media Literacy Clearinghouse
Copy Edit The World page 26
Creating a news story from a Press Release Media Literacy Clearinghouse
Creating a 30 Second TV News Script from the Morning Newspaper Media Literacy Clearinghouse
Daily Editorial Cartoons/Lesson Plans NIE
Focus on Video News Releases Media Education Foundation
The Front Page Game page 22
Global Media Literacy Curriculum Identify; Monitor; Understand;Defend; Promote; Motivate
High Five LA & Journalism NAA, middle school
If It Bleeds It Leads National Student TV
Introduction to news literacy API/Newseum
Journalism lesson plans US
McDougal-Littell Literature Understanding the Basics of News Reporting
Analyzing TV News
Analyzing Print and Online News
Comparing News Formats
Evaluating News Reports
Mediactive Lesson Plans Mediactive
Media Literacy 12 Day Lesson Plan
Media Literacy: Where News Comes From API/Newseum
Media Moments
Messages & Meanings:
 A Guide to Understanding Media
The Morning Meeting page 53
The New Normal: Get The News? In The Mix
NEW NORMAL Discussion Guide
News as the first draft of history API/Newseum
News Confusion: What is News? Newseum
News Literacy Model
Curriculum in Social Studies
Newspapers in Your Life
In the Newsroom
Media Literacy
Standards Alignment Chart
(for all units)
American Press Institute/Newseum (2013)
Nose for News What Makes A Good News Story?
How to Read A News StoryNewspaper Organization/Genres of News
Points of View, In The News National Geographic
Political Cartoons in the Classroom
Reading Between The Lines National Geographic
Say What?
Should Reporters Advocate?: Exploring the Role of Journalists Facing History, Facing Ourselves
Strengthen Newspaper Literacy with this Sample Teaching Strategy ASCD
Student Reporting Labs PBS Newshour
Teaching Editorial cartoons in the classroom
Teaching The News
Lesson One: Cross Media Comparison
Lesson Two: Categorize Different Types of Media Messages
Lesson Three: Close Analysis of a News Media Message
Lesson Four: Interview Family Members about a News Media Message
Lesson Five: Research How a News Story Represents Reality
Channel One
Teach them to see: higher order thinking in photojournalism Houston Chronicle
Ten Great Activities: Teaching With the Newspaper Education World
TV 411
Parts of a newspaper
Structure of a news story
TV 411
This Just In
Understanding The News
Watching TV News: How To Be A Smarter Viewer News U
What Do We Learn from the News?: How Reporters’ Choices Shape Our Understanding of the World Facing History, Facing Ourselves
What News is Where?/The Medium Shapes the Message Newseum
Your Angle On The Story Power To Learn
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