Resources for incorporating
news/journalism into instruction

Downloadable Stories/Essays About The News:
The Facebook Effect On The News
Twitter news junkies skew young, educated
More Americans read news online than anywhere else, new survey says
All the TV News Since 2009, on One Web Site
Pew Study: More Viewers Choose YouTube for Breaking News
Check out the news (LAMP)
Why do people read online news?
Survey: Readers don’t want to pay for news online
Most Online News Readers Use 5 Sites or Fewer, Study Says
Pew Research: 26% read news on mobile devices
Internet: now third most popular source of news
Most original news reporting comes from traditional sources, study finds
Agenda setting & journalism: how the news tells people what to think about
Traditional News Outlets Lead Blogs in Breaking News Stories
What teens’ cellphone mania means for the news business
Check out “The State of the News Media 2009” report
Online news more trusted than television, blogs
Knight funds research to engage youth in news via Facebook
Getting Women Into the News
Read about the new “news literacy” initiatives
Beyond Cynicism: How Media Literacy Can Make Students
More Engaged Citizens (study)
PEJ Study: ‘Daily Show’ Offering Valuable News
Can an MTV series help make newspapers cool again?
Teenagers say reading online news is a stressful experience
Sensationalism sweeping local news is bad for ratings
State of the News Media 2007
Carnegie-Knight Task Force Releases Report on Mandatory Testing and News in the Schools (PR;
Full report)
Evolving Definitions of News
Images of disasters raise anxiety levels
The Newspaper industry: More media, less news
When is news, not news?
Growth of online news audience slows
Newsmagazines in U.S. tend to ignore Latinos
More minorities in local news
Study: Newspaper Sports Staffs Overwhelmingly White and Male
As the Internet Grows Up, the News Industry Is Forever Changed
Major investigation of TV Station’s use of Video News Releases in Newcasts
Newspapers promote themselves (See some of their ads)
In risky moves, newscasts include product plugs

Who makes the news? Apparently not many women: world wide studyCelebrity news grabs more headlines
Papers not a must read? Where are young people going to get their news?
Bush’s teleconf with soliders, staged
Hurricanes and the media

Buying of News by Bush’s Aides Is Ruled Illegal
Newspapers in crisis
Dan Rather blasts new journalism order
Who do journalists work for?
No lie: fake news eroding public confidence in media
Abandoning the news
News for a new generation: can it be fun and functional? (Mar 2005)
State of News Media 2005
Changing Face of Network News
Editorial Cartoons about the news
Bloggers busy rewriting the rules of journalism
Viewers often don’t know the source of footage; Under Bush a new age of prepackaged TV news
controversy over VNRs: prepackaged TV News
How Media Covered the Tsunami Disaster
Top Most Censored News Stories
How to read a newspaper, Walter Cronkite
What’s News? (Ed Leadership)

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