The Role of Media in Elections:
Helping Students Understand Media’s Influence

by Frank Baker, media educator
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Links to Other Political Ad/Media Lesson Plans 
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Lesson plan title Grade Source
Active Citizenship:
Judging Propaganda
Ad Nauseam: Exploring the Role of Special-Interest Groups in Campaign Advertisements 6-12 New York Times
Analysis of Campaign Advertising  (page 7) MS-HS Washington Post NIE
Analyzing & Creating Political Advertisements Upper EL Ronald Reagan Foundation
Analyzing Campaign Ads(worksheet) MS-HS Nebraska Unicameral
Analyzing Media-Political Ads 10 ClassZone  McDougal Littell
Analyzing Political Advertising 12 UTOPIA, UT-Austin
Analyzing Political Campaign Commercials MS Loudoun Co (VA) Schools
Analyzing Political Campaign Commercials MS Everyday Americans, Exceptional Americans curriculum
Analyzing Political TV Advertising HS Organization of American Historians
A Race To Watch:
Campaign 2008, The Role Of Technology and the Internet
9-12 PBS Newshour
Art, Advertising & Propaganda 9-12 PBS
(How Art Made the World, 2006)
Be Ad Smart: Understanding Political Advertising 3-6, 6-8 Scholastic
By the People: Analyzing Political Ads HS PBS (By The People, Election 2004)
Campaign Ad Critique 6-12 Education World

Campaign Ads 2008:
Storyboarding Ads
Types of Ads
Strategies for Ads
Historic Ads

6-12 C-SPAN Classroom (archived)
Campaign Advertising MS-HS Youth Leadership Initiative,
UVA Center for Politics
Campaign Advertising:
Selling the Candidate

(page 7)
MS-HS Student Voices
Campaign Finance Reform HS PBS (NOW)
Creating Campaign Commercials Houghton Mifflin
Critical Voter Curriculum  MS-HS (2012)
Decoding Elections  MS-HS Newseum (2018)
Deconstructing campaign messages & perceptions  MS-HS Center for Action Civics/Mikva Challenge
Developing Critical Analysis MS-HS The Living Room Candidate
Dissect An Ad MS-HS PBS
Election 2008
Campaign Advertising
Election 2012 Campaign Ads MS-HS CSpan
Evaluating Election Ads MS-HS Newseum (registration required)
Evaluating Historial Presidential Ads MS-HS CSPAN (registration required)
Explore Political Advertising 6-12 Classroom Law Project 2004
Eye of the Beholder: A Media Literacy Activity 9-12 Education World
Is That A Fact?  Understanding Persuasive Strategies in Election Campaigns 9-12 Scholastic
Fighting The Horse Race: Creating Ads Which
Explore 2008 Presidential Candidates & Issues
MS-HS Media Literacy Clearinghouse Inc.
Getting To Know The Candidates:
Analyzing Their Campaign Ads
3-12 Education World
Government Lesson Plan 4 Maryland Dept of Ed
How are Political Commercials Manipulated to Influence? 6th The Dog At My Homework/PBS
Is That A Fact? 3-8 Scholastic (2008)
It’s An Ad Eats Ad World 6-12 New York Times
The Language of Politics 9-12 Assignment Media Literacy
Lights, Camera, Politics: Create Your Own Presidential Campaign Ad 7-12 PBS Newshour 2012
Media And Elections 12 University of Texas
Media Construction of Presidential Campaigns MS-HS Project LookSharp
Media Images of the President: Web Quest Secondary; College Appalachian State University
Political TV Ad
MS-HS HRW: Elements of Literature
Playing On Emotions: Focus on Political Ads Featuring Children MS-HS The Living Room Candidate
Political Advertising   Student Voices:
Candidates In Their Own Words Unit 3 Option 2
(pages 5-7)
HS Annenberg Public Policy Center
Political Ads In Historical Context MS HS The Living Room Candidate
Political Ads: Leading or Misleading Voters? HS PBS
Political Advertising:
Be Prepared
NA Philadelphia Inquirer
Political Advertisements 3-12 Election Co-nnection
Political Commercials:
Leading or Misleading Voters
HS PBS Newshour Extra (2004)
Political TV Advertisement Project 9th-12th 2011, Curriki
Presidential Ads Lesson Plan MS-HS Flocabulary
Presidential Election: Making TV news HS Teachable Moment
Propaganda Techniques in Literature and Online Political Ads 9-12 Read, Write, Think
Ready to Vote: Look Out MS-HS (SC ETV)
Lesson Plan on Political Ads 5-12 Scholastic Magazine
Social Media and Advertising in the 2012 Elections 9-12 PBS Newshour (2012)
Students Create Video Ads For
Historial Presidential Elections
9-12 NY Times Learning Network
Questions for Analyzing Ads 6-12 C-SPAN
Road to the White House:
Understanding Pres. Elections
HS Students for Educated Democracy;
US Hispanic Leadership Institute
Selling Candidates: 7th, 8th grade, Campaign Ad Unit 7-8 ACME, Vermont
Selling of A Candidate: Political Advertising at its Worst and Best Secondary University of Houston
Ten Ways to Write about Election Time Secondary National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE)
The 2004 Election: Kids Can Make A Difference Elementary-
Instructor Magazine
Understanding Political Advertising 9-12 Hot Chalk
Understanding The Language Of Political Ads MS-HS The Living Room Candidate
Use Editorial Cartoons to Teach About Elections Past and Present MS-HS Education World
Using Political Propaganda During Elections  9-12
View Smart To Vote Smart MS, HS Cable TV Industry
Watching The Elections 8-12 MediaSmart
What Makes An Effective Ad? MS,HS The Living Room Candidate
Winning Campaigns-2008 6-8 Scholastic


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