Altered Imagery (US Department of Defense)

Altered Images (Spain bombing photos altered in some European papers)

The Amazing World of Photo Editing Before Photoshop

Analyzing Media- Photo Essays (McDougal – Littell)

The Art & Science of Retouching: What Really Happens To Photos

As doctored photos flood the Internet, human vision struggles to keep up (LA Times)

At MIT, They Can put Words in Our Mouths (Boston Globe)

Before Photoshop: How Photos Have Been Manipulated For Years

Beware False Reality

The Camera Never Lies, But The Software Can (NYT)

Culture of manipulation

Detecting the Truth in Photos

Digital detectives discern Photoshop fakery (CSM)

Digital Fakery (Ottawa Citizen)

Digital Image Manipulation: A Compelling Means to Engage Students in Discussion of Point of View and Perspective

Digital Manipulation In The News

Ethics In The Age of Digital Photography

The Ethics of Digital Photo Manipulation    

Fake Or Foto Web site

Faking Images in Photojournalism

Faking It  (Newsday)

Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop”

Lying With Pixels (Technology Review, July/Aug. 2000)

The Manipulation of Truth in Art & Journalism

Manipulating Photographs: Can You Trust Photographs? Lesson Plan

Manipulating photos in a pre-Photoshop World

Mining: For Image or Truth?  (Adobe Acrobat document)

The Murky Road of Digital Retouching (Jean Kilbourne)

Newseum Exhibit OnLine The Commissar Vanishes

Perfect Touch Ups– (3/27/03)
Who said the camera never lies?
Magazines now have the power to make stars look flawless or ridiculous.

Photo Fakery: How to Spot Fake Photographs (National Geographic Society)

Photo retoucher exposes how models REALLY get airbrushed

Photographic images should not be relied upon, but even falsified photographs
can be illuminating for students of history

Photography in the Age of Falsification

A Photojournalistic Confession (8/03)

Photoshopping Reality: Journalistic Ethics in an Age of Virtual Truth  (12/06)

Posing Questions of Photographic Ethics (6/15)

Powerful news photographs – the kind that trigger deep emotions –
often help decide the course of history

A QUESTION OF TRUTH: Photojournalism And Visual Ethics (08/06)

Remodeling for Perfection

Seeing is no longer believing

Shuttle Columbia, Explosion Photos
An accompanying email claims these photos were taken by an Israeli intelligence satellite.
Read why/how they’re faked.

Startup Reveals If A Photo Is Fake

Study Proves We Still Need to Talk About Photoshop

Teachable Moment: Photographic Truth In The Digital Era

US News and World Report Special Double Issue July 9-16, 2001
pg 47, Now You See Him, Now You Don’t

Were the Moon Landings Faked?

What Did We Do Before Photoshop?

What’s Wrong With This Picture? (CJR)

When Seeing Isn’t Believing: Digital manipulation is becoming widespread. Is anyone nervous?

When The Camera Lies (Sept. 2006)

When Your Eyes Tell You Lies (Insight Magazine Oct. 2000)

The World’s First Faked Photo

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