History is repeating itself on the promo posters for her upcoming movie, Romance and Cigarettes–the face looks Kateish, but the body is creaseless, veinless, and frankly, kind of creepy. Image expert (there’s such a thing?) Chris Bickmore told the Daily Mail, “Kate has been given a real skin polish, to the extent that there is no detail. There are no lines where her foot and hand bend, no blemishes on her skin anywhere and no veins on her hand. Her legs also appears to have been made slightly slimmer, especially around the knees.” And although Kate has spewn forth two children and herself declared her boobs to resemble “the ears off a dog,” on the poster her jugs appear to be preternaturally perky, stuck to her chest like two halves of a coconut, even though Kate’s lying on her back in the picture.

A spokesman for Icon Films, the distributor of Romance and Cigarettes, grudgingly admitted that Winslet’s body had been touched up: “The graphics department have had a bit of a go at the poster–not really altering the image as such, but just giving it a bit more of a gritty feel.”


Keira Knightley in King Arthur Keira Knightley in King Arthur

Spot the difference: Keira Knightley’s bust was digitally enhanced in the publicity images for
the motion picture King Arthur  (source) (image on the far right is one of the film’s posters)

The poster below left is obviously parody: because of Photoshop and other digital manipulation tools, almost every
new film poster is being altered.  The original poster is shown right for comparison purposes.

Gulf Wars 2 Clone of the Attack

Movie Poster Image for Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

This one caused a stink in 1990 when it was revealed
that the body in the poster was not that of star Julia Roberts.
Movie Poster Image for Pretty Woman
© Touchstone Pictures

Once again, that’s Julia’s head on another person’s body:

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