Do you think the creators of this ad actually got
an elephant on top of this car?  Read more here.

Did DOVE Digitally Alter “Real Beauty” Models In Ad Campaign?
If true, the allegations that the Dove 'real beauties' were airbrushed could seriously undermine an effort that already has subjected Unilever to considerable consumer and activist backlash in recent months.

Has Brad Pitt’s Waistline Been Retouched?

Original ad:

Has Brad Pitt Been Retouched?
January 24, 2008

He’s won multiple “Sexiest Man Alive” titles in his time, but at 43, even Brad Pitt appears to need a little extra help keeping in shape.

The “Fight Club” star sports an incredibly narrow waist in a new ad campaign for Japanese denim brand Edwin, prompting speculation he received a touch of airbrushing.

Brad revealed last year that since turning 40, he has noticed his body isn’t what it used to be.

He said: “One thing sucks, your face kind of goes. Your body’s not quite working the same.

“But you earned it. You earned that, things falling apart.”

Fake Drug Ad Websites (click on images)


••••• THE FORD PUMA •••••

The advertising industry has been using digital manipulation and synthesis for probably as long as the film industry. Think of Guinness’s ‘surfers’ advert where actual white horses appear to come out of the waves, and Ford Puma’s advert, where footage of Steve McQueen from the film Bullit, effectively seems to bring him back to life and drive a Ford Puma.
Figure 30: A still from the Guinness ad.
Figure 31: A clip from the Ford Puma advert, with footage of Steve McQueen
Figure 32: Part of the stage set for the Ford Puma ad. The car used in the original film Bullit, beside the new Ford Puma.
For the Ford advert, the advertising company took shots from the film Bullit which showed McQueen on a car chase around San Francisco, and started by identifying which scenes from the film they wanted to use. They then employed a technique called Flame to extract images of McQueen and superimpose him into new footage shot with the Puma. The advert worked, ‘Ford had hoped to sell six thousand Pumas over the first year, but ended up selling nine thousand and advance orders have constantly outstripped production’
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This ad promoting Bermuda shows a model on a Hawaii beach. Bermuda admitted yesterday using pictures of other destinations to attract tourists, including photos of divers in Florida and this model in Hawaii.

This Bermuda ad doesn’t contain images from the island.

King ‘Dream’ Becomes Commercial (Wash Post)
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