The Broadcasts of Edward R. Murrow:
An Appreciation of The Man & His Words

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Edward R. Murrow

Link to PBS special:  American Masters: Edward R. Murrow, The Reporter

“…totally controlled and brilliant as a communicator, a man who spanned the oceans and who more than anyone else made broadcasting respectable for a generation of other talented broadcasters….”
(David Halberstam in The Powers that Be)


Many students don’t have a clue as to who Edward R. Murrow was,
nor do they know that this veteran CBS broadcast journalist set the mark
for excellence.

This website is designed to help students (and teachers) learn not only who Murrow was, but also to help them appreciate history via his radio and TV broadcasts.

Listening skills are critically important and many state’s teaching standards
include them. As such, this site may also be helpful not only to Social Studies, but also to those in the English Language arts arena.

Before proceeding, it may also be helpful for educators (and students) to review:

-media literacy “key concepts”
critical thinking questions

Using the Table of Contents (on the left) you will find a wealth of material
to use in the classroom.

Recent news stories about Murrow:

October 2008  What Would Murrow Do? (Am Journalism Review)

April 2008  Master of a Fading Craft

March 2008 Remembering Murrow (Special issue of RTNDA Communicator)

Sept. 2007  Radio prototype: Edward R. Murrow and Fred Friendly’s Hear It Now

Feb. 2006: Newly donated papers shed light on Murrow’s war broadcasts

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