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What Disney Princesses Would Look Like With Normal Waistlines
Why Women Buy Magazines that Promote Impossible Body Images
Middle school girls with sexualized body image perform lower academically

Women’s body-size preferences shaped by media, study finds
Thinness in media feeds body size obsession, researchers say
Teen’s Petition Leads to ‘Seventeen’ Body Image Pledge
Seventeen vows not to alter images, to ‘celebrate every kind of beauty’
Seventeen Magazine Vows to Show Girls ‘As They Really Are’
Study: thin stars in magazines may help women’s body image

US bans Photoshop use in cosmetics ads
Models’ Photos May Spur Mixed Messages About Body Image

The New Face of Beauty and Its Effect on Women
How super skinny TV stars are harming our health
Unrealistic beauty standards affect men and women
Plus Size vs Zero Size: America’s Skewed Body Image
Media promote eating disorders
Psychiatrists call for end to ‘glamorising’ of eating disorders

Boys and girls as young as 10 aren’t always happy with their bodies
Is it time for magazines to show real women?
Why skinny sells
Steamy mags bad for men’s body image, too

Why skinny sells
Research analysis reinforces media influence on women’s body image

Schools urged to expose how media alter women’s bodies
Media Literacy As An Educational Method for Addressing
College Women’s Body Image Issues, Aug 2007

Models Create Body Dissatisfaction
Women Of All Sizes Feel Badly About Their Bodies After Seeing Models
Media might fuel eating disorders

2006 & prior
Dying To Be Thin
Thin Ads + Low Body Image = Stress?
Extreme Measures (People Magazine Cover Story 10/06)
Do thin models warp girls’ body image?
Study: Thin models sell clothes better
While some strive for Hollywood’s rail-thinness, others are comfortable in their curves
Feminine ideal portrayed in one size only — very thin
Shrinking Stars Influence Younger Generation
Impossibly thin? 
Kate Hudson Sues Magazines Over Photos/Articles
Body image is focus of high school course
Skinny Like You: Visual Literacy, Digital Manipulation and Young Women’s Drive to be Thin
Dove campaign commentary
Research backs ‘normal size’ models in ads
Fashion magazines showing more body types
Teen body image, the media, and supplements: an unhealthy mix(Aug.2005)
Barbie’s figure gives young girls desire to be thinner
Pop culture setting unrealistic standards for young women?
Media need to shape up when portraying girlhood (May 2005)
Teen magazines blamed for rise in girls’ suicide (UK, April 2005)
The skinny on too thin teens (Mar.2005)
Pretty unreal: real teens look good; but celebrities look perfect (Jan.2005)
Anorexia possibly fueled by media
Too Fat?, Too Thin?: How Media Image of Celebrities Teach Kids
To Hate their bodies
(People magazine, June 3, 1996)

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