Analyzing Alcohol Advertisements & Marketing
A resource for

Frank Baker,
media educator

Alcohol Advertising Web Sites/Resources:

              Alcohol Advertising & Youth
Alcohol Ads & Youth
Alcohol Advertising: Fiction Vs Fact (AAP)
Alcohol Marketing & The Media (Australia) 
              Center of Alcohol Marketing & Youth- Ad Gallery
              Clicking with Kids: Alc Marketing & Youth on the Internet
              Stealing Share (see Beer study)
MADD Stats & Resources
              Marin Institute’s Ad Alert
              Alcohol Ads-Univ.of Minnesota
              Alcohol Ads & Youth
              Alcohol Ads On The Internet- CME
              Effects of Alcohol Ads on Underage Drinking-NIH
              Alcohol Ads, Consumption and Harm (Booze News)

              Toys Encouraging Alcohol Use By Children

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