Analyzing Alcohol Advertisements & Marketing
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Spin the Bottle: Sex, Lies & Alcohol

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“Media critics Jackson Katz and Jean Kilbourne have done it again. . . A dramatic and sobering assessment of alcohol use, abuse, and the targeted marketing of young people; this video should be required viewing–from high school to college and beyond.”
Frank Baker

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Advertising Alcohol Calling the Shots
This half hour educational video, the updated version of the popular “Calling the Shots” examines the images used by advertisers to sell alcohol. It is based on the lectures, slide presentations and research by Jean Kilbourne, nationally known media analyst and media literacy educator, who has spent many years studying the advertising and alcohol industries.

In The Mix (a PBS Series featuring teenagers)
“Alcohol, What you Don’t Know”

Marketing Booze to Blacks

This book and companion video examine the scope of alcohol-related problems in the African-American community. They expose the messages in alcohol ads and raise questions about the alcohol industry’s support of civic groups.  Book (1987) 54 pp. $4.95, Video (CSPI and the Institute on Black Chemical Abuse) (1992) 17 minutes $29.95

Media Sharp:
Analyzing Tobacco & Alcohol Messages

Available from
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

48 lesson plans on nutrition, physical activity, alcohol & other drugs, tobacco, relationships & sexuality, and violence prevention.  Over 150 media examples, numerous web links and printable background sheets and worksheets.

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