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Alcohol in Television
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Teen programming is filled with alcohol advertising.  All 15 of the television shows most popular with teens ages 12-17 had alcohol ads.  Throughout 2002, alcohol companies placed 5,085 ads on programs such as Survivor, Fear Factor and That ‘70s Show, at a total cost of nearly $53 million.  Spending on this group of shows increased by 60 percent, compared with 2001.  Six of the shows – five on the WB, one on Fox – had disproportionately youthful audiences.
Source: Georgetown Study Finds Number of Alcohol Ads Bombarding Teens Rose in 2002


Budweiser sign in the outfield of the Metrodome baseball park, during
MLB playoffs, strategically placed so that it will be seen by TV cameras & millions of home viewers

Behind the plate, the center field camera shows an ad that is not seen in the ball park, But through TV technology, the director can insert the ads.

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