Analyzing Alcohol Advertisements & Marketing

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In The News: what follows are news articles taken from wire services and other sources, related to the topic of alcohol advertising

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Alcohol ads linked to teen brand choices
Alcohol Advertising Has Little Overall Effect on Consumption (Study)

TV Alcohol Ads Linked to Youth Drinking Behavior
Alcohol Advertisements in Magazines Influence Underage Drinking: Study
Crafty alcohol advertising directed at US adolescents through music and branding
Is Pop Music Turning Teens Into Alcoholics?

Alcohol ads reach too many young people in US TV markets
Alcohol ads push underage girls to drink more, research finds
Fewer Tobacco Ads, But More Alcohol Ads in Movies
Researchers Propose New Guidelines For Self-Regulating Alcohol Ads
Media Literacy Programs Prevent Youth Smoking and Drinking
New Study Finds Link Between Ads and Underage Drinking
Do TV Liquor Ads Drive Kids to Drink? New Research Says Media Literacy Works
As A Prevention Strategy When Persuasion is Taught (link to study)

Time Restrictions on TV As Ineffective in Reducing Youth Exposure to Alcohol Ads
Two Alcohol Brands Unhappy About Their Product Placement
Black youths exposed to more alcohol advertising, study finds
Alcohol ads in youth magazines likelier to have risky contents
How alcohol ads target kids
Liquor Companies Wooing Women Customers
Hard Time: Liquor Advertising Pours Into TV
TV Ads Linked to Unhealthy Diets in Young Adults
FTC Broadens Study of Alcohol Advertising
Online tool estimates youth exposure to alcohol ads on radio
Movies Exert Powerful Influence on Teen Drinking Habits
Adolescent alcohol consumption influenced heavily by the media
Too much alcohol in Super Bowl Ads?

Pitbull, ‘Diddy’ and other rappers step up alcohol endorsements
Anti-Alcohol Group Taking On Anheuser-Busch At Super Bowl XLVI
CAMY Study: Radio Alcohol Ads Still Reaching Young
Young people are being overexposed to alcohol ads on the radio
Teenage Alcohol Consumption Associated With Computer Use
JHU Study: Alcohol commercials reach growing number of youth

Alcohol ad exposure for youth up 71% on television
CAMY: Liquor Ads On Cable Drive Increase In Youth Exposure
Media detective’ course empowers children to skirt alcohol and tobacco marketing
Study: Youth Exposure to Alcohol Ads in Magazines Declining
Alcohol Marketing In The Digital Age
Study: Drinking, R-rated films linked in middle-schoolers
Super Bowl Alcohol Ads Take a Backseat Among America’s Youth

Alcohol content on Facebook (video)
Alcohol ads play up masculine appeal
NFL games on TV: full of alcohol and other inappropriate ads
Alcohol Ads Common Among Cable Shows Watched by Teens
Alcohol ad self-regulation not working, as ads target younger drinkers
How drinking is depicted in prime time TV shows
Media ignores health consequences of drinking/driving among young celebrities
Alcohol Product Placements linked to increased youth drinking
Alcohol, sex ads get prime TV time
Alcohol ads tempt more kids to drink
Ads influence our drinking binges

Alcohol ads increase in areas with more Hispanic children
Why Big Alcohol Can’t Police Itself: A Review of Advertising Self-Regulation in the Distilled Spirits Industry,
Intoxicating Brands: Alcohol Advertising and Youth
CAMY Study: Youth are swimming in ads (link to study)
Beer makers increasingly turning to viral ads
Advertising, Alcohol And Adolescents
Learning How To Say ‘No’ To Alcohol Advertising And Peer Pressure …
Drugs and Alcohol and Your Kids’ Music
Kids group: End Super Bowl beer ads
The Clock’s Running-Out On Super Bowl Beer Ads

Study: Kids See Fewer Alcohol Ads
Alcohol Industry Reforms Make Slight Progress in Reducing Youth Exposure to Alcohol Advertising
Youth Exposure to Alcohol Ads in Magazines Drops
Report: Alcohol Companies Stingy With Responsibility Ad Dollars
CAMY Releases Study on Alcohol Advertising
Liquor Maker Ups the Ante a Bit in Discouraging Young Drinkers
Link between alcohol advertising and consumption in minors (Rand PR; abstract)
Spirits Council tracks ads, keeps distillers on their toes
Critics pound Spykes, a teen-tuned alcoholic drink
Surgeon General Calls for Alcohol Ad Retreat
Clever marketing of beer is what’s on tap
Beer ads broken deconstructed by media literacy expert
Alcohol Industry Watchdog Asks Bud to Exit Super Bowl; Beer Ads Dominate Broadcast, Could Exploit Forty Million Kids
Alcohol Ads Possibly Targeting Children
Georgetown study finds sharp increase in youth-targeted alcohol ads

More Alcohol Ads on TV and Underage Youth Are Seeing It; Booze Ads Swell on Cable
Study: Disclosure Of Advertising Tactics Reduces Odds Kids Will Drink
Alcohol ads run on youth-oriented radio  (full study)
Teens study alcohol advertising
Alcohol Industry Does Not Target Youths, Study Finds
The Booze Tube: Spirits Marketers Pour Big Bucks Into TV
Exposure of African-American Youth to Alcohol Advertising
Alcohol Ads in Magazines Reaching Fewer Underage Youth (full report)
Alcopops – cute, boozy and pitched to teenage girls
New Study Finds That Rap Music May Drive Some To Drink
Beer ads targeting Hispanics spur backlash
Cutting Ads, Raising Taxes Lowers Youth Drinking
Alcohol Ads Add to the problem
Study: alcohol ads target youth
Youngsters Enjoy Beer Ads, Arousing Industry’s Critics

Super Bowl Booze Ads Target Kids

Inside the marketing machine
Study: Ads, youth drinking linked
Who picks your poison?

Alcohol ads boost drinking among young: study
; marketers respond
Drink Up: Alcohol Advertisers Recruit Young Drinkers

Alcohol advertising: what makes it attractive to youth?
Children Continue to Be Overexposed to Ads Glamorizing Alcohol Use

Giving Beer Ads the Cold Shower

Liquor Ads Move to Satellite Radio

Alcohol Industry’s Marketing Overexposes Hispanic Teens
Kids find beer ads appealing
Jim Beam, ready for prime time

Reducing Alcohol Ads Kids See Won’t Cost Industry Adult Market

After 210 Years, Jim Beam Discovers the Power of TV

Kids May Mimic Parents’ Smoking, Drinking

Retailers faulted: Tshirts with alcohol logos
Alcohol study: girls outpace boys
Racy liquor ads generate complaints

NCAA Recruiting Young Audience for Beer Ads
Alcohol Ads Outpace Responsibility Messages

Maine Kids: Alcohol Ads Target Us
Lip balm promotes liquor flavors
Liquor maker to keep watch on its ads

A new campaign for Absolut

Ads for Alcohol refreshers reach young girls

AMA calls on NCAA to ban booze ads

Coaches, Consumer Groups Protest Beer Ads on College Sports


NASCAR and alcohol promotion: gentlemen, stop your engines

Nascar driver lands hard-liquor sponsor
Two 2 big beermakers brawl

Anheuser Busch Unveils new responsibility campaign
Coors pulls ad that touts low-carb edge in taste

Alcohol Ads Coming under scrutiny

Polls show more teen girls see “alcopop” ads than women age 31-44

Stolichnaya Vodka Unveils First-Ever TV Marketing Campaign
AMA slams NASCAR for hard liquor sponsorship plans
Beer falls flat with younger drinkers
Whiskey Industry Goes Sweet to Grab Youth Market
NASCAR to give hard-liquor ads green flag
Super Bowl Booze Ads Target Kids
Kahlua Launches Largest-Ever TV Ad Campaign
Ban on TV Beer ads proposed (10/26)
Tailgating: big business for marketers (10/25)
Girls lead in teen alcohol use(8/14)
Momentum Builds to End Beer Ads in College Sports (7/28)
New face of underage drinking: teenage girls (7/8)
Girls More Likely Than Boys to Be Overexposed to Alcohol Advertising in Magazines; Study Published in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine Documents Girls’ Overexposure (7/5)
Alcohol Ads Outnumber Responsibility Ads 226 to 1 (5/26)  PR
Big-screen boozing may lure middle school kids to drink (5/25)
Lawsuits target alcohol industry (5/13)
Study: Teens Saw More Alcohol Ads in 2002 (4/21)  Forbes version  Beer Industry Response
FTC Eyes Youth Appeal of Alcohol Web Sites (3/25)
Brewing Interest In Teens? (3/15)
Underage Youth Have Easy Access to Alcohol Web Sites (3/9)
Underage Youth More Likely to Hear Alcohol Ads on Radio than Adults (1/22)   Exec Summary
Boos for NCAA’s stance on booze advertising (Jan.4)

Ad Hangover? (12/18)
Thanks to Cable, Liquor Ads Find a TV Audience (12/15)
Study: Fewer Alcohol Ads Would Lower Underage Drinking (12/2)
Winning Idea:Drop Beer Ads in College Sports (12/1)
Advocacy group asks to keep alcohol ads out of college sports (Nov.18)
`Scary Movie’ tie-in raises ire of anti-alcohol group (Nov. 3)
September 2003 FTC report  Alcohol Marketing and Advertising
Study Links College Binge-Drinking to Marketing (Sept 12)
Vokda Ad Battle Goes To Court
Is the Alcohol Industry Pitching Products to Young Audiences?(Sept10)
Alcohol Makers Agree to Change Ad Guidelines (Sept.9)
Raise Beer Tax to Reduce Teen Drinking, Report (Sept.9)
Survey finds that alcohol-related ads are indirectly targeting teenagers in young adult magazines (July 27)
Black Youth Exposure to Alcohol Marketing (June 19)
Magazines Shower Teens With Ads (May 13)
Hispanic Youth Exposed to More Ads (May 1)
A Campaign For Drinking (April 17, NY Times)
How Alcohol and Tobacco Ads Target You (Current Health 1, April/May 2003)
CDC Worried About Alcohol Store Advertising (04/11)
Industry Hammered for Marketing to Kids
Radio Daze: Alcohol Ads Tune in Underage Drinking
Miller Beer Fields New Crop Of Sex Ads
Moderation Urged for Alcohol Ads
Busty Beer Ads, Sexist or Smart Selling? (02/03)
Tapping Into Young Minds: Watch how your kids watch alcohol ads on TV, say anti-drinking activists
U.S. youngsters see more ads for beer than for gum, jeans, sneakers
Full Report
  Exec Summary   Press Release
TV Broadcasters Urged to Restrict Alcohol Ads Seen by Youth
AMA: Alcohol Damages Teen’s Brains (12/09/02)

2002 and Previous Years
New Study Shows Underage Youth A Target of Alcohol Marketing (Sept.24, 2002)
Alcohol Advertising: Are Our Kids Collateral or Intended Targets? (Jan.2002)
Special Report: OVEREXPOSED: Youth, A Target of Alcohol Ads in Magazines
Alcohol Advertising: Are Our Kids Collateral or Intended Targets
Gender Representation in Tobacco & Alcohol Advertising
Alcohol advertising and youth: a focus-group analysis of what young people find appealing in alcohol advertising.
(television beer commercials) Elizabeth D. Waiters, Andrew J. Treno, Joel W. Grube.
Contemporary Drug Problems Winter 2001 v28 i4 p695

Alcohol Counter-Advertising and The Media
Frogs Sell Beer (April 2001)
Bigger Ad Budgets Lead to More Adolescent Drinking (04/19/01)
Image Advertisements for Alcohol Products: Is there Appeal
associated with Adolescents’ intention to consume alcohol 
Adolescence (Spring 1998)

Targets of Alcohol Advertising- Jean Kilbourne
Hooked On Advertising (Ms. Magazine)
Deadly Persuasion: 7 Myths Alcohol Advertisers Want You To Believe   (non pdf version)
Media & Values, Spring/Summer 1991

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