Analyzing Alcohol Advertisements & Marketing
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McRel National Standards:  
Health Standard 2  Knows environmental and external factors
that affect individual and community health
Level   III   Grade :   6-8  
2. Understands how various messages from the
media, technology, and other sources impact health practices
(e.g., health fads, advertising, misconceptions about treatment and prevention options)

Health Standard 9  Understands aspects of substance use and abuse
Level   II   Grade :   3-5  2. Knows influences that promote alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use
(e.g., peer pressure, peer and adult modeling, advertising, overall availability, cost)

National Educational Technology Standards for Students
Middle Grades 6-8
Students in our society are constantly bombarded by advertisements. Technology has not only added to the impact and quantity of advertising but has led to the development and proliferation of new types of advertising. Fortunately, technology is a powerful tool in the hands of students for investigating and understanding the impact of advertising on their lives.

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