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Alcohol & Music

Another way to market alcohol to young people is to sponsor music concerts and related events.  That way, you can be assured your name will be seen by lots of people who not only read the magazine, but also who attend the music event.

Kenny Chesney promotes beer for his 2008 concert tour. Here is a photo I snapped in April near the University of SC, where the tour bus was parked in front of a popular bar. Apparently Corona fits the lifestyle conveyed by the singer. Here is a quote from a news story announcing their partnership: “If you want to capture my audience, the thing that stands out is their ability to have more fun in a single day than most people have in a month, and Corona is part of those kinda lazy, hanging out with your buddies kinda days,” Chesney said in a statement.

Here is an ad from a recent People magazine.

Here is an ad from a recent USA Today newspaper promoting a music concert.  Website:

Here is a full page ad from Columbia (SC) Free Times weekly newspaper:

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