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We are once again indebted to Joyce Valenza for urging educators to engage students in media literacy & critical thinking using the upcoming Super Bowl ads.  
Teach Media Literacy With Super Bowl Ads
Frank is quoted: I was interviewed about children, TV and advertising for this mom’s blog.
Frank is quoted: Top 10 Sites To Help Students Check Their Facts (ISTE)
Based on a True Story? History Vs Hollywood (Middleweb)
MLC honored as one of the Top 100 Education Websites
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November 22  Frank was interviewed on SCETV’s Carolina Classrooms series, on the need for media literacy in SC classrooms.  Link to stream http://video.scetv.org/video/3007287040/
Using Film To Teach Reading & Literacy (Middleweb)
During Media Literacy Week, I gave a presentation at the USC Honors College on Fake News & Media Literacy. Two weeks later, I moderated a panel discussion on the same topic which featured local educators and journalists.

We’re Not The Only Ones Who Want Kids’ Attention (Middleweb)
Revised: Why Media Literacy Week Matters So Much (MiddleWeb)

ASCD recommends my media literacy chapter in its 15 Recommended Media Literacy Resources
If There’s War, Where Will Students Get News (MiddleWeb)
I was quoted on fake news in two Science News For Students stories:
In An Era of Fake News, Students Must Act Like Journalists; Fake News:  How Not To Fall for It

I participated in the four day/four city Alabama Library Expo,( Sept 18-21) presenting to hundreds of media specialists at locations from Mobile to Birmingham, to Montgomery to Decatur

What Every Student Needs To Know About The News, (Middleweb)
Using the Emmy Awards To Teach Media Literacy (revised) MiddleWeb

Engaging Students in Tobacco Analysis (Middleweb)
My work was referenced in: Why Visual Literacy Is More Important Than Ever & 5 Ways to Cultivate It
School Library Journal reviewed my book “Media Literacy In The K-12 Classroom” 2nd Ed (ISTE)

6/27 Civil Rights; How Pictures Changed America (MiddleWeb)

On June 19, I keynoted the OELMA PD Summer Institute, Popping the Fake News Bubble, held on the OSU Newark campus. This writer captured the essence of my talk as well as the state of school libraries in Ohio.

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Getting Smart’s Review of “Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom” (2nd Edition)
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Frank is quoted in “Avoiding The Fake News Trap”  ASCD, Education Update
Frank is quoted in the Olean Times Herald and in this column,
What Media Literacy Means In The Age of Alternative Facts, by ISTE (available to members)

Engaging Students (& Teachers) In Media Literacy: Frank interviewed on the March 21st edition of Blog Talk Radio
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Register to Listen  March 16 SLJ/ISTE Webinar: Information Literacy In The Age of Fake News

Frank is quoted in this School Library Journal column on news literacy (Feb 27)
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Thanks to SC ETV for publishing my lesson plan
Listen to Frank talk about Media Literacy on the Jan 19 edition of BlogTalkRadio
My new blog: Close Reading The Media, and first post: The Art of Film
The Post Register (Idaho Falls) quotes Frank in this guest column by the editor
eSchool News quoted Frank and summarized the recent SLJ Webinar on Pop Literacy
Frank is quoted in School Library Journal’s cover story on fake news
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