Super Bowl Ad Analysis Worksheet  created by Frank W Baker, Copyright 2018 [permission is granted to duplicate for educational purposes]  Download as one page PDF here;   See also “Using Super Bowl Ads In The Classroom”

2.Who is the target audience? 3. Visuals 4. Audio 5. Message/
6. Call to action 7. Appeal 8. Your vote
  1. See a complete list of “Who’s Buying Ad Time” here.
  2. Be specific: who is this ad most likely to appeal to? (kids, teens; young adults, older adults; gender: men, women, both)
    how do you know this audience type is targeted?
  3. What visuals stand out in this ad; what do you remember seeing?
  4.  What sounds (including music) did you hear that made it memorable?
  5.  What message is this ad/product sending to the audience? Was there a memorable slogan?
  6.  Did the ad encourage you to do something—like go on social media; include a hashtag; keep the conversation going? Did you do what the ad asked?
  7.  Which technique of persuasion(s) was used; was it effective?
  8.  Thumbs up or thumbs down? Did you like the ad? If so, why? If not, why not?

    MORE questions to consider:

  9. How many ads featured men in a dominant role?  Women?
  10. Why do these ads cost $5 million dollars?
  11. Did any ad reflect issues/topics that might have been in the news recently? If so which ads; which topics?
  12. Which ad(s) featured: sports celebrities; TV stars; movie stars; models; regular people?
  13. Who benefits from the ad?
  14. Was any person/gender, impacted/harmed/embarrassed by this ad? If so,  how?
  15. How did the ad make you feel?
  16. Did you go on social media to comment/share the ad in question? If so, which one(s)?
  17. Older students can research who is the parent company/corporation of the brand.
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