Recommended books on Teaching With/About Movies
compiled by Frank Baker (see newer published books listed here)

The Art of Watching Films   Joseph M. Boggs  Benjamin/Cummings  ISBN 0-8053-0970-5;
(3rd Ed) Mayfield ISBN 0-87484-982-9

The Critical Eye: An Introduction to Looking At The Movies   Kadan/Sason   Kendall/Hunt Publishers
ISBN: 0-8403-4920-3 (1988)

Double Exposure Composing Through Writing and Film
William V. Costanzo, Boynton-Cook, ISBN: 0-86709-051-0

Film Art, An Introduction (5th Ed) David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson  McGraw Hill College Div; ISBN: 0070066345

FILM   Susan Stempleski & Barry Tomalin  Oxford University Press ISBN: 0-19-437231-6

Film  Space, Time, Light , Sound   Lincoln F. Johnson   HRW  ISBN 0-03-078050-0

The Hollywood Eye, What Makes Movies Work, Jon Boorstin, HarperPerennial, ISBN 0-06-092325-3

How to Read a Film: The World of Movies, Media, and Multimedia: Language, History, Theory
James Monaco, Oxford University Press; ISBN: 019503869X     Excerpt

Movies & Meaning An Introduction To Film   Stephen Prince    Allyn & Bacon ISBN 0-02-396806-0

Moving Images In The Classroom– A Secondary Guide to Using Film and Television
produced by the British Film Institute, English & Media Centre, Film Education
ISBN: 0-85170-831-5

Reading The Movies: Twelve Great Films on Video and How to Teach Them
William Costanzo, NCTE, ISBN: 0-8141-3910-8

Reading In The Dark  Using Film as A Tool in the English Classroom  John Golden
NCTE Books  ISBN: 0-8141-3872-1

Seeing & Believing: How to Teach Media Literacy In The English Classroom
Ellen Krueger & Mary T. Christel     Boynton/Cook Heinemann   ISBN 0-86709-573-3

Seeing Through the Movies   Mark Crispin Miller, editor    Pantheon  ISBN: 0-394-57491-5

Thinking About Movies   Watching, Questioning, Enjoying  
Peter Lehman, William Luhr    Harcourt Brace   ISBN 0-15-500001-2

Understanding Film Texts  Meaning & Experience   Patrick Philips BIF  ISBN I-85170-799-8

Understanding Movies (8th Ed) Louis Gianetti   Prentice-Hall  ISBN 0-13-646536-3

Understanding The Film  An Introduction to Film Appreciation    Jan Bone & Ron Johnson   NTC   ISBN  0-8442-5694-3

A Viewer’s Guide to Film, Arts Artifices and Issues  Richard M. Gollin McGraw-Hill     ISBN 0-07-23700-X

Visual Messages: Integrating Imagery Into Instruction (2nd Edition)
David Considine & Gail E. Haley  Teacher Ideas Press

Words and Shadows Literature On The Screen, Jim Hitt, Citadel Press,  ISBN: 0-8065-1340-3

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