The Role of Media in Elections:
Helping Students Understand Media’s Influence

by Frank Baker, media educator
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Where to Locate Current & Past Presidential Campaign Ads

SnapChats Political Ad Library


Ad Watch                                                                                         Political TV Ad Archive

living room candidate       
The Living Room Candidate                                          Political Communication Lab


Real Clear Politics                                                                    Political Ads On YouTube 

new-republic        cnn    
New Republic Magazine                                               CNN’s Presidential Political Ad Archives                      


Historic Campaign Ads (CSPAN)

The Art of the Negative Ad

Political Ads: A Look Back At Eye-Catching Campaign Spots (Slideshow)

1964 The Daisy Ad 1984 Morning In America 1988  The Willy Horton Ad
Sponsor: Lyndon Johnson Sponsor: Ronald Reagan Sponsor: George Bush



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