AdWatch (Fact checking the candidates)


History:  At CNN, Brooks Jackson pioneered the “adwatch” and “factcheck” form of stories debunking false and misleading political statements, starting with the presidential election of 1992.  (Source)  Since that time, other organizations, as well as the media themselves (TV, radio, newspapers) have started their own fact-checking.  Listed below are some of the fact check organizations we recommend you and your students use for study and research.

Washington Post

nyt ad campaignNew York Times


Throughout the upcoming political ad and speech season, check these websites for claims made by candidates or their spokespeople.  Educators: be sure to check out FLACKCHECK.ORG a companion website to FactCheck. It “provides resources to help students recognize flaws in arguments in general and political ads in particular.”

See also American Press Institute’s Fact-Checking Project

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