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How young people see themselves has a lot to do with how the media represent them. What magazines does your school library media center subscribe to? Do these publications tell students everything they need to know? Do they deal with stereotypes, body image, product placement? Is the content of the magazine influenced by the advertisers? These are just some issues to consider as you begin to study magazines and media literacy.

NEW:  How Magazine Advertising Works;  Using Magazines to Teach Media Literacy
Activity: Compare & Contrast Magazine Covers

Periodical Recommendations

Newest Book Recommendations  (other books here)

The Tabloid Culture Reader

The Last Magazine

Magazines: A Complete Guide to the Industry (Media Industries)

Remake, Remodel
Women’s Magazines in the Digital Age
The Magazine
Magazine Production The Tabloid Culture Reader The Last Magazine:
Magazines in Transition
 Magazines: A Complete Guide to the Industry Front Page: Covers of  the 20th Century

Older texts


                                                                                The Magazine from Cover to Cover
The Language of Magazines      The Girl on the Magazine Cover:     Understanding Women’s Magazines      Smart Apple Media
(Intertext S.)                           The Origins of Visual Stereotypes
Linda McLoughlin                      in American Mass Media
Routledge, an imprint of
Taylor & Francis Books Lt
ISBN: 0415214246

Other recommendations:

  • The Magazines Handbook, Jenny McKay
  • Reading Women’s Magazines by Joke Hermes
  • Making Sense of Men’s Magazines by Jackson, Stevenson and Brooks
  • Media, Gender and Identity by David Gauntlett
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