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Close Reading The Media

Literacy Lessons and Activities for Every Month of the School Year
by Frank W. Baker
Publisher: Routledge
Date:  Fall 2017
ISBN: 978-1138216006,  1138216003
160 pages
Chapter & lesson listing

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BooktopiaBooks-a-Million & Routledge

Description: Teach middle school students to become savvy consumers of the TV, print, and online media bombarding them every day. In this practical book co-published by Routledge and MiddleWeb, media literacy expert Frank W. Baker offers thematic, timely lessons for every month of the school year, so you can engage students in learning by having them analyse the real world around them. Topics covered include critiquing the messages behind Super Bowl ads, Christmas toy commercials, fall political campaigns, and more. Through these lessons, students will learn to read the media more closely and will improve their critical thinking skills. The book also offers classroom-ready handouts you can use immediately.

About the author: Frank W. Baker is an educational consultant to the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the Writing Improvement Network and the News Literacy Project. He is a blogger for MiddleWeb and a frequent presenter at school, districts, and conferences across the country, including SDE, IRA, NMSA, and NCTE. He has written teaching standards and supporting documents (ELA; Visual & Performing Arts) for the SC State Department of Education. He is the author of Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom (ISTE, 2016) and a contributor to Mastering Media Literacy with Heidi Hayes Jacobs (Solution Tree, 2013). He manages the Media Literacy Clearinghouse website (

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