The content for “Close Reading The Media” came as a result of a monthly column, now blog, that I have been writing for
(A big thanks goes to my editors John Norton and Susan Curtis, as well as my Routledge editor Lauren Davis.) For those who may have just discovered this resource and don’t already know, I maintain the Close Reading The Media web site as well as The Media Literacy Clearinghouse web site.  In addition, I conduct professional development at schools, districts and conferences. Contact me for details.  Follow me on Twitter: @fbaker

Chapter Month Lessons  Resources
1 August Exploring Media Literacy; Close Reading; What’s Missing?  media literacy concepts
2 September TV Ads; Political Ads; Truth vs Propaganda  ads; politics/media; propaganda
3 October Media Literacy Week; Political Debates; Detecting Fake News  fake news
4 November Examining Holiday Toy Ads; Looking Beyond Toy Ads  toy advertising
5 December Studying Parody;   Big Media’s Influence  parody; big media
6 January Super Bowl Ads;  The Diet Ad Explosion; Black History
(Gordon Parks); Civil Rights Photographs
 super bowl ads; diet ads;
civil rights images
7 February Academy Awards; Language of Film;  Symbols of Costume Design  language of film
8 March Hollywood vs History;  Docudramas;  Emotional Appeals in Media  motion pictures
9 April Product Placement;  Power of Branding  product placement
10 May Magazines; Iconic News Images; Role of Celebrity in Raising Awareness  magazines; visual literacy



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